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10 Very Fun Ways Of Styling A Bandhani Dupatta

10 Methods For Styling A Bandhani Dupatta

A bandhani dupatta is to Indian design the little dark dress for European style. Both won’t ever be unfashionable. Now that bandhani dupatta is setting down deep roots, we can play with it, try and make our own interesting style. In this article, we will look at 10 methods for styling a bandhani dupatta.


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Bandhani is a kind of splash-color texture. Its starting point can be followed back to the Indus Valley Civilization in India. Today, the art is drilled by exceptionally talented specialists from the Khatri people group in Gujarat and Rajasthan. The word ‘Bandhani’ is gotten from the Sanskrit word ‘Bandha’ which signifies ‘to tie’. The plan in bandhani is gotten by tying the texture firmly with a string at different spots. When tied, the texture is colored, the strings are disentangled and the texture is untucked – bringing about hypnotizing designs. The cycle is totally manual and requires extraordinary accuracy.

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A few different types of splash-color textures handmade in India are Pochampally Ikat from Telangana, Sambalpuri Ikat from Odisha, Shibori, Lehria from Rajasthan and Patola from Gujarat.

Styling A Bandhani Dupatta

Bandhani Dupatta as Customary Odhni

The excellence of Rajput dress is best uncovered with a conventional, hand-printed bandhani or leheriya odhani, instead of the pompous manufactured, machine-made ones utilized nowadays. So how about we bring back the pattern of Bandhani Odhni.

Tied On The Ocean Front

Bandhani dupatta can supplant sarong or wrap skirt on your next Goa get-away! Bandhani’s dynamic quality, liveliness makes it ideal for bright sea shores.

Video Credits: 5-Minute Artworks Silly

a diverse bandhani scarf as an African cap

African headwraps are illustrative of the brilliant culture of the landmasses. Why not check them out, but rather with an Indian touch utilizing a bandhani dupatta?!

Bandhani Dupatta With Suit

God! There are 1,000,000 methods for styling a bandhani dupatta with a suit. Here are a few remarkable ones –

Bandhani dupatta functions as a coat with reflect

unadulterated silk bandhani dupatta as a kaftan

Silk bandhani dupatta will look astounding as a kaftan or kaftan dress. We have verification here!


You can get a kaftan dress sewn from a dupatta or on the other hand on the off chance that you are in the state of mind to accomplish something creative this end of the week, you can have a go at making it yourself! This video beneath may help –

Instructions to Style a Bandhani Dupatta as a Kimono, Shrug or Cape

For the most part these dupattas can be styled as kimono, cape and shrug as they are very flowy and drapeable. Or on the other hand with the assistance of some basic Do-It-Yourself recordings, you can transform them into garments or simply wrap dupattas in that style.

Bandhani Dupatta with Outfit for an Indo-Western Look



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