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AI Powered Job Portal – Job Search Made Easy

Imagine working from the comfort and ease of your home. After the pandemic outbreak, many employers introduced the paradigm shift and encouraged their employees to work from home. However, the employees were sold on this lifestyle once the lockdown was lifted, AI Powered Job Portal.

Undoubtedly, it is quite appealing. Just the thought of waking up and living your life in a way most suited to your personal as well as professional goals, along with your habits and quirks, sounds like a dream come true. This lifestyle can be made possible for you, no matter where you are. According to the experts, working from home has its benefits, some of which are listed below.

Higher productivity

Enhanced productivity is often cited as one of the major benefits while working from home. Compared to their office-based colleagues, remote workers are more inclined to go the extra mile to complete their tasks. 65% of full-time workers and their managers feel that remote work increases productivity, as per the State and Work Productivity Report. Sixty-two percent of supervisors said their remote workers were more productive.

Engaged employees

Companies offer remote work options as a means of keeping their staff happy and engaged, which in turn increases productivity, quality of work, and employee satisfaction levels. 74% of workers in a Softchoice survey stated they would leave their current employer for one that allowed them to work remotely if given the option. Companies with an eye toward retaining their best employees will notice that. Another finding from the TINY pulse poll shows that working from home makes people happier and more satisfied with their jobs than working in a traditional office setting.

Searching Work From home Jobs in Dubai through AI Powered Job Portal

Advances in IT and communication have made remote work feasible across many different sectors. Jobs that can be done remotely can be found in various fields, from the more obvious ones (technology, freelancing, etc.) to the more unexpected ones (education, healthcare, law). Get the ball rolling on your search by getting subscribed to the world’s first AI-powered job search portal,


Visiting multiple sites, copying and pasting cover letters and CVs and then recurrently applying for jobs can be daunting, frustrating and disappointing. Therefore, we believe that it is high time for technology to replace antiquated methods of searching for and applying for work from home jobs in Dubai.

Benefits Of iApply

iApply is the only AI-powered platform of its kind, its Ai Algorithm is capable of searching, matching, and applying to up to 4,000 newly posted, high-quality jobs on behalf of the job seekers. This advanced digital marvel, can help you in getting work from home jobs in Dubai. With the advent of iApply, it is no longer necessary to spend all day manually registering on hundreds of job portals in order to apply for jobs. iApply’s Ai Assistant will register you, create your profile, and post your resume posted on thousands of online job boards across the world. One-of-a-kind and cutting-edge, iApply allows job-seekers to rest while the platform’s AI Algorithm submits applications for them. Below are the few reasons why you should for iApply’s free trial!

It Saves Time!

Joining iApply will save you time and energy from the grueling process of finding the appropriate work, whether it is your first job or your ideal career, whether you are a recent college graduate, currently unemployed, or a seasoned professional.

It is Simple!

Just register with iApply and stop wasting time on fruitless job searches, save that time and energy toward advancing your skills. iApply’s smart dashboard will display the details of the work from home jobs in Dubai that were applied for you, with all of the job details.

Endless Possibilities With AI Powered Job Portal

iApply’s Ai Algorithm will analyze your education, skills, experience and will match it with the real-time posted job openings to locate the best possible match, and then it will apply for those jobs on your behalf. You can choose up to 3 job titles and 3 countries in which you desire to work.

Signup for the Free Trial 

Once you create your profile, and signup for the free trial. Now Just Sit Back, Relax and let iApply’s Ai do the wonders that humans cannot do.

World is changing rapidly, our ways of working, communicating, traveling and a lot more. So why don’t we change the way we used to search job opportunities? Its time, to have your own Artificial Intelligence powered Job Applying Assistant that will apply jobs on your behalf, while you are sleeping, driving, eating, working or doing your daily chores.



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