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Can Your Brand Still Capitalize Off Facebook Engagement?

With more than 1.04 billion daily users and 40% of small-sized businesses within the US, Facebook is an essential component of the social marketing puzzle for most businesses. For quite some time, companies saw plenty of success using Facebook and could connect with their audience quickly.

In addition, they could achieve this organically (without paying for advertisements). However, this changed in 2014 and 2015 when business pages began to experience an eroding of organic reach for their content click here.

Following the change, businesses and their marketers were left disoriented and confused. What was once a massive advertising and marketing tool became a platform that could be viewed as pay-to-play.

How Lower Organic Reach Impacted Facebook Engagement

One element that determines what content appears in the Facebook News Feed will be the level of engagement that a post has. If a post is viewed with lots of comments, shares, and likes, it tells Facebook that people who have liked the page are likely to be interested in the content. This makes it more likely to appear in a user’s News Feed.

The issue is that it’s more difficult to gain those comments, likes, and shares if your posts aren’t getting the attention of most of your target audience. It’s a bit of a trap. Engagement is required to appear in your followers’ News Feed, but you must occur within the News Feed to get the attention.

There are, however, ways to connect with your target audience and improve engagement on Facebook, despite the recent changes to Facebook’s News Feed. Take these strategies to test to see if you can get more likes, comments, clicks, and shares for those Facebook pages.

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Post at the Right Time

The reach of organic content may have decreased, but it’s still not disappearing. One reason Facebook altered how content appears on its News Feeds is the increasing amount of content uploaded. As more and more people began joining Facebook and Facebook, the number of posts grew too. This leads to a lot of competition.

It is important to post when the engagement is at its highest, but not always when the most significant number of users are on Facebook. Although most people browse Facebook during daylight hours, the highest engagement occurs in the evening. Buzz sumo discovered that posts posted in the period between 10:00 p.m. between midnight and 10 p.m. (local time) have the highest amount of engagement.

As you can see, the most popular time to post is at 11 a.m. It’s also the lowest engagement time, likely due to News Feeds becoming inundated with numerous new posts that users scroll through. Fewer recent posts are being published at night, so users have time to read and interact with every post.

It’s best to plan your Facebook posts time to ensure they are more effective. You can test different times in between the most active times to determine the best time for your company.

Share Content Your Fans Want to See, Not Just

What You Want Them to See

If you want to get people to look at your page’s content, you have to post content that people want to view. Sometimes, businesses think that because they’re in a field, all content they share must be directly connected to that area read more.

For example, the sandwich shop may post only about sandwiches, special deals they’re running, and company news. The issue is that most people don’t have the time to read about sandwiches all day long and are less likely to interact with your Facebook posts.

To make sure that you balance the two, expand the types of content you publish. A sandwich shop may share recipes, nutritional tips, and other information that isn’t explicitly related to sandwiches but isn’t that unrelated that it isn’t appropriate. A sandwich shop’s posting on marketing on the internet wouldn’t make sense.



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