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Demo of Centricity EMR Rapid Data Entry Module and More

To learn more about the Centricity EMR, it is a good idea to schedule a Centricity Demo before making a decision on which electronic medical records system you will purchase. This article will discuss the Rapid Data Entry module and Appointment management. It will also cover Cloud-based accessibility, interoperability, and Interoperability. You will also learn about the benefits of this system such as its seamless integration with third-party medical interfaces. To schedule your free demo, click here.

Rapid Data Entry module

The GE Centricity EMR EMR software is designed for large practices. The EMR has been in use for 30 years and is capable of serving 70 specialties across all 50 states. The integrated Meaningful Use toolkit as well as Rapid Data Entry module allow medical facilities to make the most out of this system. Here are some things to remember if Centricity EMR is your next EMR program.
The EMR software allows physicians to enter information and dictate notes without the need for human intervention. This software also allows for code mapping and dictation which allow doctors and non-physicians alike to collaborate. This feature will allow you to edit and update patient records faster. This feature will ensure that you never run out time again. Centricity EMR demo’s dictation feature will speed up your workflow and increase the accuracy of data entry.

Appointment Management

Centricity EMR’s appointment management features make it easy to schedule appointments, track special equipment and check for patients at-risk. It automates doctor scheduling and sends reminders to patients to reduce no-shows. The system supports medication tracking and eliminates mistakes by allowing users use real-life terms rather than precise codes. Appointment management can help improve your workflow and increase your bottom line, regardless of whether you manage multiple locations or one building.

A free online demo will allow you to see the functions and features of Centricity EMR Software in action. You will see the software in action and get a quick overview of its features. You will also see how to customize your appointment settings such as sending reminders by text message to patients. You can also track the appointments of your patients and cancel any cancellations.

Cloud-Based Access

It is easy to use Centricity EMR even for people who don’t have the technical skills. You can learn more about the software’s features, pricing, and reviews by visiting its extended software profile. You can also submit an online support ticket to get assistance from a knowledgeable associate who will answer all your questions. Cloud-based access is great because you can access your data from any location, anytime.

Visit the Find EMR website to get a free online demonstration of Centricity EMR. There are many demos available for different products. It also offers a patient portal where you can communicate with patients remotely, send documents, test results and request appointments. The demo includes cloud-based access to software that allows you to work from anywhere.


Centricity EMR features include outstanding interoperability services. These services allow you to communicate with professionals beyond your own clinical boundaries. This provides the foundation for seamless data sharing among healthcare organizations, which can reduce care gaps and improve patient care. This is just one benefit of Centricity EMR. The EMR also includes integrated billing and coding, patient engagement, and medical cost functionality. The following features will help you choose the right system for you if interoperability is important to you.

– The 360X group defines interoperability standards. Two profiles for IHE have been approved by this group. Ambulatory/Acute Transfer to a Skilled Nursing Facilities and Transfer from an ED into a SNF. These are all important factors to consider when choosing the right EMR for your practice. To see how Centricity EMR compares with other platforms, sign up for the Interoperability Proving Ground demo.



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