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Develop These 9 Qualities If You Want To Be ‘CEO Material’

While anyone who climbs the corporate ladder or starts their own company can hold the title, it gives an excellent type of leader what it really means to be a CEO. This coveted designation is much more than just “calling the shots” – it means earning respect and inspiring your entire organization to do their best for the good of the company.

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1. Passion

The best CEOs are passionate about their work. Passion stems from a strong connection with your mission, your vision, and your goals. Without that passion and connection, it can be impossible to understand a company, and how and why it operates. If you’re not passionate, go back to understand why you started your company and reconnect with your story. –Valerie Martinelli, Valerie Martinelli Consulting, LLC

2. Vision

To become a CEO, a person needs a vision. Think Steve Jobs or Elon Musk. They need to be able to strongly communicate that vision to inspire, motivate and lead others to contribute to their success. To improve or develop a vision, surround yourself with people who have great vision! – Christine Huber,

3. Patience And Courage

A great CEO can take ownership of a company’s strategic direction and must be able to model the vision for the company with actions, not just words. A CEO should have patience, the ability to be agile, and courage. 

4. Decisiveness

Effective CEOs are clearly visionaries, strong communicators and culture builders. However, one thing that sets great CEOs apart is that they tend to be decisive. Then, they make difficult decisions for the organization. –Edith Ondrick-Harvey, NextBridge Consulting, LLC

5. Self-Confidence Undermined By Weaknesses

The higher you rise in rank, the more impact your every decision can have. The CEO must have the intelligence and confidence to gather the best people by his side—people who are leaders in their own right—so that they can gather enough information to make informed decisions. – Sherry Naseem, Executive Center of Excellence

6. A Track Record Of High Performance And Efficiency

A potential CEO, like other standout employees within a company’s leadership pipeline, is characterized not only by their excellent performance track record but by their willingness to reign in more challenging leadership positions. Someone who has not demonstrated high performance or high potential may simply decide to change their trajectory, mindset, and behavior to excel. – Karima Mariama-Arthur, Esq., WordSmithRapport

7. Backbone And Heart

The potential CEO needs to work on his ability to stand his ground and speak his mind. Let’s put that backbone of wanting to say what might be considered unpopular. But you also need to add heart: the ability to stay connected even when there are conflicts in the relationship. You need to master both. – Dean Miles, Bridgepoint Coaching & Strategy Group

8. Link To Culture

Vision, persistence, passion, and patience are all important components of what makes a great CEO. However, one aspect that is usually overlooked is the culture, i.e. the importance of connecting with the people in the organization. Most CEOs are distant and away from the people doing business. The most influential CEOs make it a point to personally engage with the culture to build trust. – Erin Urban, UPPS Solutions, LLC

9. No Ego

Great CEOs have a “everyone wins” mentality, and their leadership style is about developing everyone to do their best. They cannot all be egos. They must have a vision and the ability to strategic direction, but the ones I’ve seen do the best they can with their surroundings.

10. Capacity To Expect And Explore Difficulties

The head of an association thinks for even a moment to be different by being ready for the present difficulties and expecting the obscure difficulties and potential outcomes that lie around the bend. They have the profound endurance to contradict some common norms – facing challenges, not simply discussing them. — Melinda Fouts, Ph.D., Success Begins With You

11. The Capacity To Understand Individuals On A Profound Level (Ei)

The CEO is the center of an organization’s way of life. Their assets, values and individual battles are reflected through the association in general. Sincerely keen pioneers are vital for genuinely insightful organizations. Therefore we train CEOs in our authority improvement process. As they fabricate EI by their own doing, this is reflected in their administration culture.

12. Finely Tuned Intuition

Extraordinary CEOs follow their instinct and are focused on what they have confidence in. They are generally answerable for the organization’s tasks, so having the option to pay attention to their internal voice and trust that they understand what’s best for the eventual fate of the association – and requesting help when they’re at a stop – is fundamental.




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