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Here’s How Your Pin Code Is Determined?

Even though letter-writing is a component of the beyond, our online shopping habits keep PIN codes from becoming obsolete.

Have You Ever Puzzled How The Pin Code Of A Selected Location Is Decided?

Pin code stands for Postal Index Number Code. Also known as a pin code or place postal code, a pin code is a put up office numbering code device used by India’s postal provider, India Post.

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The PIN changed into first delivered in India on 15 August 1972. It is a 6 digit long code wherein every digit represents a unique that means.

First Issue

The first digit of the pin indicates the place. In India, there are nine pin zones, of which the primary eight are for geographic region and nine are used exclusively for the Army Postal Service.

Northern region – 1,2 

Western region – 3,4

 Southern region – 5,6

 Eastern region – 7,8

 Army postal service – 9

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Second Digit

The PIN code indicates the sub-region.

The first two digits reflect

The list goes like this

 11 – Delhi

 12 and 13 – Haryana

 14 to 16 – Punjab

 17 – Himachal Pradesh

30 to 34 – Rajasthan

 36 to 39 – Gujarat

 40 to 44 – Maharashtra

45 to 49 – Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh 

50 to 53 – Andhra Pradesh 

56 to 59 – Karnataka 

60 to 64 – Tamil Nadu 

67 to 69 – Kerala 

70 to 74 – West Bengal 

75 to 77 – Orissa 

78 – Assam

 79 – North Eastern

Third Digit

The third digit within the pin code denotes the sorting district inside the region. In such a scenario it belongs to Kolkata district.

Closing three digits

The remaining 3 digits designate the specific submit office in the district.

This pin code comes under Dhakuria Post Office.

So, the pin code indicates a place in Dhakuria in Kolkata, West Bengal.

Is India Geared Up For New Year’s Fairs Across The Country?

Selfie with shiva

In a sequence of tweets, the Prime Minister also extended his greetings on the occasion of Navreh and Ugadi.

May the year in advance be characterized by using positivity and exact health. Happy Ugadi to all of the celebrants. May the approaching yr fulfill all of your needs and happiness all round.” He tweeted.

In the image, PM Modi takes a selfie with an artiste at an event organized at the residence of Union Information and Broadcasting Minister M Venkaiah Naidu at the occasion Welcome new yr

Prime Minister Modi will study Chaitra Navratri speedy for nine days from today.

He additionally congratulated Manipur at the event of Sajibu Cheiraoba.

Cheti Chand greetings to the Sindhi community. May God Jhulelal bless us and can the year beforehand be a satisfied and noteworthy one,” Prime Minister Modi tweeted.

Here Are The Best Countries To Stay In Around The Arena?

A better location to live

According to the trendy UN Human Development Report, the sector is turning into a better area to live in. Although the reality is that around 800 million people within the world visit mattress hungry each day, over 1 billion humans were lifted out of severe poverty within the past 25 years.

The file ranks the exceptional nations to stay in. The United Nations reviewed nearly 200 international locations underneath a selection of things, which include life expectancy, education, gender equality and monetary wealth.


Norway ranks maximum in terms of wellknown of residing, existence expectancy and training for 13 consecutive instances. Thanks to the us of a’s strong, publicly funded healthcare gadget, the common existence expectancy is eighty two years.


Education in this country money owed for over 5% of the country wide GDP, that is tied to Switzerland. The United Nations located that maximum students in Australia attend school for round twenty years.


Switzerland ranks excessive in common health. On common, human beings stay to the age of eighty three and have a surprisingly low risk of illnesses together with malaria, HIV and tuberculosis.


As of October 2014, all universities are unfastened for citizens and worldwide college students in Germany, wherein extra than 96% of the population has as a minimum some secondary education.


Denmark is tied with Singapore inside the United Nations scores. When evaluating the average income among men and women, the gender pay gap for complete-time employees in Denmark is now 7.Eight%. For assessment, within the US the difference is 17.Nine%.


The humans of this u . S . Also can expect to live an extended lifestyles. The common life expectancy in Singapore is over 83 years.


The u . S . Has one of the lowest rates of earnings inequality in the international (12.4%), and it’s been declining gradually for the reason that mid-Nineteen Nineties.


Crime is low in Ireland. According to the contemporary available information, the murder rate is best 1.1 according to 1,000 humans.


The life expectancy of the humans in Iceland is high, 82.7 years on average.


Canada ranks excessive in schooling success. More than half of of its citizens are college graduates.


The United States ranks excessive in financial wealth. Americans earn a median of $ fifty-three,245 consistent with year.

Great nations to stay in round the world

dwelling areas

the United Nationshas just published its annual Human Development Report, which ranks where humans live longer, more healthy lives – in other phrases, the nations high-quality to stay.

The United Nations looked at almost 2 hundred nations in several categories, including lifestyles expectancy, education, gender equality and monetary wealth.


For the 13th year in a row, Norway ranks highest in terms of standard of dwelling, lifestyles expectancy and training.

Thanks to the country’s strong, publicly funded healthcare machine, the average lifestyles expectancy is 82 years.


Education in this usa bills for over 5% of the national GDP, that is tied to Switzerland.

The United Nations determined that maximum students in Australia attend college for around 20 years.




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