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How To Reset Comcast Xfinity Router Or Modem?

If your Internet is jogging slow or you are experiencing other connectivity issues with your Comcast router or modem, it’s a great idea to both reset your gateway to manufacturing unit defaults or sincerely restart it.

The precise manner to reset your Xfinity router or modem might also vary slightly by using version. For a Comcast router/modem combination, resetting the router to manufacturing facility settings will also reset the modem – as a result, the phrases “router”, “modem” and “gateway” are often used interchangeably.

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Resetting Router Or Modem

Resetting your modem will erase all preceding router configurations—consisting of WiFi community names, passwords, login data, and many others just like when you reset Cox internet modem—as a consequence restoring it to factory defaults. This isn’t the same as restarting your router, which would not clean any settings and virtually brings your network down and back up.

Restarting The Router Or Modem

To restart your Comcast router (with out clearing any settings), sincerely unplug it, wait at the least 30 seconds, and plug it lower back in.

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To Reset Your Comcast Router, Use The Subsequent Steps:

  1. Locate the reset button

The router reset button is positioned on the back of the router. The reset button is small and clean and in trendy a different coloration than the relaxation of the gateway.

For example, if the gateway is black, the button is likely to be orange or yellow. This makes it smooth to discover.

  1. press and keep the reset button

Using a paper clip or pen, lightly press and maintain the reset button until the mild on the front of the modem turns off. After the mild turns off, launch the button.

  1. Wait for the router to restart

After some seconds, your router’s light will turn on again. It may also take numerous mins on your wireless network to reappear. Afterwards, make sure to change your Comcast Xfinity WiFi password to some thing extra comfy or memorable.

Fix Your Comcast Router: A Troubleshooting Guide?

Comcast offers one router to all of its Internet clients for a month-to-month rate. If your Comcast router isn’t always working, there are things you may do to fix it.

  1. How to Access Comcast Router Settings

If you just want to tweak some settings — like the Comcast WiFi password or Comcast community name — you will want to log into your router.

If using the tool at the router’s network, open a browser window. Enter the IP cope with of the router and press Enter. The default Comcast IP address is

Enter your router username and password.

Access the settings you need the use of the web interface.

Visit our manual on the way to log into a Comcast router for greater information.

  1. Comcast router has malware or virus

If you think that your Comcast router has malware or a virulent disease, disconnect any linked devices from the router and make contact with Comcast for technical assist. The help crew will possibly recommend you to manufacturing facility reset the router.

Check out our manual on a way to manufacturing unit reset a Comcast router.

  1. Comcast Router Won’t Turn On

If the Comcast router or modem won’t turn on, try those steps first.

Verify that each one cables are linked to the router.

Disconnect all cables from the router and reconnect them.

Test the energy outlet linked to the router. Make sure different gadget is able to receive power at the same time as the usage of it. If the outlet would not work, attempt every other.

If the router nonetheless may not switch on, contact Comcast to document the faulty tool.

  1. Comcast Router Won’t Connect to the Internet

If your router loses connection to the Internet, you can strive these steps before getting on Comcast.

Reboot your router—this could be accomplished the use of the net interface or the power button (if your router has one). Test net connection.

Unplug the router from the wall, wait about 30 seconds, and plug the router in once more. Test net connection.

If you have get admission to to the Internet from every other source, along with a cell smartphone, go to the Comcast website to confirm that there are not any interruptions on your place.

As a last hotel, you can manufacturing unit reset the router.

If you still do not have an Internet connection, touch Comcast without delay for help.

  1. Comcast Router Won’t Specify an IP Address

Sometimes, a router will malfunction via assigning IP addresses to some gadgets, however now not all of them. This is some common networking problem and may be without difficulty fixed with few steps.

Restart your router through the use of the Power button.

If there is no power button, unplug it from the wall, wait 30 seconds, and plug the router in again.

If the router refuses to assign a brand new IP cope with, touch Comcast Technical Support.

  1. the way to replace comcast router

If you’ve got it along with your modern-day tool, you can continually get a new one. Comcast your faultyCan provide a alternative for the apartment system. The rental rate is usually $five according to month for a modem and a further $5 for a router. In many instances, it can be good value to invest in your own router.

There are Comcast-well suited routers to be had in the marketplace. In most cases within the U.S., you may count on more manage over your network with fewer hassles from an ISP than by using owning your own router. If you’re no longer sure wherein to start, check out our endorsed list of Comcast-like minded routers.

How To Log In To Comcast Business Router?

It’s clean to help your enterprise with a Comcast router or gateway. The Router Dashboard offers you a whole lot of manage on the subject of securing your network and protective any gadgets that connect to it. In this guide, I will provide an explanation for the way to get right of entry to this dashboard and reset the administrator password.

Comcast Business Xfinity hardware is installation a bit in another way from domestic-use devices. You will find that distinct credentials are required to get right of entry to the principle router dashboard. If you are seeking out non-commercial login instructions, go to our residential Comcast router login manual. Otherwise keep reading!

Hook Up With Enterprise Community

Connect to the Comcast community using the industrial router you want to log into. You can use WiFi or Ethernet cable to connect.



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