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How to Select the Perfect Paint Colors for Your Home?

In the modern world, there are many choices to make when picking the right paint colors for your home. With the different color schemes and trends, deciding which is right for you can be tricky. Not only that, but you also have to consider the specific needs of your home.

For instance, if you are a resident of Pittsburgh, you will want to ensure that the paint colors you choose can withstand the harsh winters. With its many different neighborhoods, each with its distinct character, finding the correct paint colors to complement your home can be challenging.

If you are unsure what colors to use for your home, house painters Pittsburgh can help you with that. They can give you some great ideas with special financing options based on the specific needs of your home. There are about 172 house painting companies in Pittsburgh that you can contact to help you with your house’s exterior and interior painting project.

Standard Colors Used on Residential Properties

There are about 140,496 households in Pittsburgh, each containing approximately two individuals. The most popular colors for residential properties tend to be white, beige, and greige. It’s no surprise that these colors are so popular among Pittsburgh homeowners, as they are neutral and go with just about any type of d├ęcor. They also have the advantage of making a space look bigger and brighter. If you are searching for a timeless look, these are your colors.

Following are some other colors that are popular among Pittsburgh homeowners:

– Taupe

– Silver

– Charcoal

– Lavender

– Blue

These colors are popular because they add a touch of sophistication to any space. If you want your home to stand out from the rest, you should consider hiring professional house painters in Pittsburgh to help you achieve the look you desire.

The Most Popular Color Schemes for Pittsburgh

Many different color schemes are popular among Pittsburgh homeowners. Some of the most popular schemes include:

– All white: This classic color project never goes out of style. It gives any space a clean and fresh look.

– Grey and white: This is a popular color scheme for Pittsburgh homeowners because it is modern and sleek.

– Beige and white: This timeless perfect is perfect for any space.

– Blue and white: It gives any space a calming and serene feeling.

– Green and white: Approximately 38% of Pittsburgh is covered in trees, so it’s no surprise that this color scheme is popular among homeowners. It helps to bring the outdoors in and creates a refreshing atmosphere.

Ways to Choose the Right Paint Colors

When choosing the right paint colors for your home, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

– The type of home you have: If you have a historic home, you will want to ensure that the paint colors you choose to keep with the era in which it was built.

– The style of your home: If you have a more modern home, you will have more freedom when choosing paint colors.

– The color of your roof: You will want to ensure that the paint colors you choose will complement the color of your roof.

– The direction your home faces: The sunlight your home gets will play a role in choosing colors.


By considering the unique needs of your home and the overall atmosphere you want to create, you can specify your choices and find the perfect colors for your space. If you are still unsure what to use, don’t hesitate to contact professional and licensed house painters in Pittsburgh for assistance.








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