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What Do Lean Six Sigma Consulting Firms Do?

Lean six sigma consulting firms provide a wide range of services. They use lean tools to help improve business processes, reduce waste and increase profits. They offer services such as process mapping, project planning, performance improvement, and more.

While many managers, executives, and organizations focus on cutting costs by spending less on outside resources, it’s vital to remember that significant money should not be the deciding factor when hiring a Lean Six Sigma consultant.


Hundreds of Lean Six Sigma consulting organizations and experts are eager to work with you and your organization. How do you choose between them? What traits and elements should you take into account? Industry knowledge? Cost? Brand cache or reputation?

While these are all apparent and regularly discussed variables, many decision-makers fail to consider the following essential aspects when selecting the finest consulting business or consultant.


Similar Core Values or Philosophies


Any productive relationship begins based on shared values. The same common-sense mindset may and should be employed when picking business partners. Dissect the complexity of:


  • How do you want to solve your difficulties
  • When is the greatest time to work on such difficulties, and
  • Who will be in charge of project management – and
  • What you’ll be left with is the question, “Why?”


“What brings us here?” “Why” are we acting the way we are? Before selecting the consulting firm that best meets your goals, you must ask yourself and your team these thoughtful questions. You won’t know what you’re looking for until you know who you are (in this case, you are your situation, which are your resources and your goals).

You’ll have the knowledge and confidence to make the right option after you understand your beliefs and why you’re doing what you’re doing.


Complement Your Work Life, Not Complicate It


Excellent customer service goes a long way, far further than most managers and executives believe. A consultant who knows how you and your business genuinely work provides them with the knowledge to perform in ways that enhance rather than complicate your life.

A warm, inviting attitude might be the difference between getting permission from the right stakeholders and having your Lean Six Sigma process improvement project derailed.


Consultants Who Preach What They Practice


What better approach to inspire your colleagues than to set a good example? Consultants who apply their coaching and continual learning practices to their own work are often trustworthy and accountable. A strong belief that a consultant will be proactive and accountable will provide you peace of mind that your projects will be completed on time and under budget.

Successful consultants frequently integrate Lean Six Sigma ideas into their work, from communication skills to issue resolution. Great consultants are also friendly and easily accessible, allowing them to stimulate communication and cooperation among your team members and, eventually, throughout your whole business.


Search Smarter, Not Harder


Organizations might spend weeks, months, or even years looking for a consulting business or consultant they believe would be the greatest fit for their specific circumstance. Our objective is to make this process easier for you by connecting you with a consultant who is appropriate for your goals, company, and industry.

Whether you need help with change management or an IT project, Barnard Gagnon Group has the expertise and desire to help you achieve even the most ambitious growth and performance objectives.



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