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Find the treasure!

Do you simply deposit your children’s pocket money into their accounts? Why not make them work for it, in the form of fun water games? They can turn up euro coins themselves in the swimming pool with Lifeguard Training. They are literally looking for a treasure that will benefit them greatly. The fact that they learn to swim better underwater and feel even more familiar with water is a bonus. Do your children like to play pirates and are in the mood for exciting pool games? Give them a treasure map and let them find the most beautiful fake jewels that you have hidden in your swimming pool.

Skipper, may I sail over?

Skipper may I sail is one of the most exciting water games. You are the skipper and your children have to get past you. If they tap you, you’re out. How exactly does that crossing go? That is up to the skipper to decide. Backstroke, doggystyle or swim like a shark. Or reach the other side by swimming underwater. Not only do you enjoy a good time with the family, but playfully teach your children new ways of swimming.

Tunnel swimming

Swim underwater, hold your breath and orient yourself underwater. These are skills that everyone should have in a country where there are so many rivers, ponds and streams. How does a child learn best? With fun pool games. You stand on the floor with your legs spread. One or two grown friends stand behind you and do the same. Children swim between your legs. Whoever can do it without touching you deserves an ice cream.

Dodgeball or water polo

Do you have children with a fear of water or children who still have to swim with water rings? With exciting water games, they pay full attention to the game and forget their fear and insecurity. Water games with a ball are very suitable for this. Tribal is suitable for children who can swim, but also for children who have not yet obtained their A diploma. Pool games like water polo suit more advanced swimmers. Let them invite their boyfriends and girlfriends and make an exciting competition.

I used to say: “No bomb!”

Children often enjoy swimming pool games with lots of splashing. Who makes the best bombs and the most splashes? If you have a swimming pool with a diving board, making a bomb is a breeze. Otherwise, it is a matter of running up, jumping high, and splashing everyone wet. With your smartphone, you film every jump and the best bomb earns a prize. Water games with a competitive element can be appreciated by every child from 5 to 99 years.

Do you also want your own swimming pool?

Do you also want your own swimming pool and do you already feel like playing water games in your cozy family pool? Or do you want to make your existing pool suitable for exciting pool games for all your children? Please contact. We provide a safe, low-maintenance pool so that you can fully enjoy your free time with the most important people in your life.

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