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Can Your Family Help Open Your Franchise Business?

The mom-and pop shop is a well-known business model, and owners proudly showing off their family-owned company’s official status. A lot of these businesses have been growing and flourishing for many years. Other businesses it’s not much. much.There remain a lot of misconceptions regarding working with families. Many people are unable to imagine how to be able to work with family members without getting in a fight , or more. They’ve also experienced negative experiences with family-owned businesses designs that went under. However, I’ve learned from personal experiences that working with families can be rewarding, helping to boost the expansion of your business and preparing you to be successful in the future. If you’re doing it correctly it will be. Here are some of my suggestions on how to achieve success.

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There’s no way to guarantee that you will be a good family member however, in my opinion the aim is to stay in the same relationship, even if the relationship doesn’t go as planned. This starts with clarified communication. Talk about your goals, making certain that that your short-term and long-term goals are aligned with one another. Establish expectations and put the agreement in writing, much as you would with an contract of employment. Incorporate job description, payments and a specific timeframe to assess the relationship and determine whether you’d like to keep it. Include a plan should you decide to end your relationship in order to ensure there is a smooth transition which takes place within an acceptable time. Do you think this is excessively formal to a relationship between a couple? It’s not. One of the advantages of working with your family is that you already have a the trust of the people you work with. However, that trust relationship may sometimes blur the personal and professional. It isn’t always easy to discuss problems in a professional manner. By writing it down, you establish an atmosphere of and respect for you. If you just go with the flow without any expectations, it’s likely become a bit stale.

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Don’t employ family members solely for the sake of convenience. Instead, you should hire them to ensure mutual benefit. Everyone brings a unique set of abilities and character qualities that they bring to the table. Make sure to appreciate your family’s contributions , and treat them like the experts they are. Our wife Jeanette and I have worked together for many years. She’s now the CFO at Tint World, and the professional aspect of our relationship has been forged because we’ve defined our roles. We’ve aligned our activities with our strengths and interests and we enjoy keeping our paths clear. We don’t instruct each other on what we should do in our jobs. It’s a respect-based relationship where we’re both appreciative of each other’s abilities. We recognize the value of the talents of others, which makes it easier to maintain a healthy working relationship. Another way to appreciate the family-owned business partner is to compensate them for the amount they are worth. If you’re thinking of them as laborers who are cheap is a mistake. At first as you grow your enterprise, it could be more convenient to collaborate with family members based on the idea they’re paid less however, your family members would like to be paid the same as any other employee. If you’re just starting out and you’re planning to expand, think about growing with your family.


I know many who start their own company or franchise business with the intention of passing it on onto their own children. My children both have worked at Tint World headquarters, and when they were younger, if one of them demonstrated the motivation and capability to take on my role, I’d aid them in that transition. But that’s not the only thing future family business to be able to count on, as there are many factors to consider. Your child must desire the business you run, “get” your business and be able of managing your business effectively. Planning for success is crucial but you must allow to consider a variety of options. Make a plan for a succession that could change depending on the circumstances. Always create your business with the mindset that it’s time to sell. Set up two or three alternatives in place to ensure that your children don’t have to be the only option.


There’s plenty to profit from starting a the business world with your partner or family members. But you could also risk if you do wrong. If you’re considering establishing an enterprise that is owned by a family member, make sure to consider family first. If you don’t, you’ll cause more harm than your financials. With lots of respect for each other and communication as well as clear expectations You and your family can create something amazing together. Start strong, do your best and remember the things that really matter.

Charles Bonfiglio is president and director for Tint World, a provider of residential, automobile commercial, marine and residential window tinting as well as security film solutions. Tint World has Automotive Styling Centers in the U.S. and abroad, each franchise has around 20 profit centers. They range from installation of accessories in the store to offsite sales and installations.



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