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Top Ways For Spreading The Gospel In Israel

For those die-hard souls who are scorching the earth with their zeal to spread the words of God and leaving no stones unturned in their efforts to introduce people to the gospel, Israel is nothing short of a mystery. Indeed, the country has been the birthplace of Jesus, yet, it is home to just 2% of believers in Christianity. Most people are Jews here, but Islam constitutes a large portion of the population of the country. It seems God has left it to the people of his birthplace to discover his teachings and his words centuries after he is gone.

The Way Forward

However, if you are one of those soles who are trying to spread the gospel with zeal, you can try to make headway in creating awareness about Jesus and his words in the land of Israel. However, this is not easy. The people of Israel know a lot about Jesus.

You need to assimilate the history of Jesus right from his birth to his crucifixion and resurrection for spreading the gospel. You also need to learn Hebrew to spread God’s words. Since Hebrew is the common language here, you need to learn it by heart. Once you have mastered the history of the land and the activities of Jesus in Jerusalem, you need to proceed to spread the words of god. You can do this through modern means.

Spreading The Words of God Through Modern Communication

The people of Israel spend a considerable amount of time on the internet. Indeed, internet penetration and literacy are quite high here. You can take advantage of this fact and devise ways to reach the hearts and minds of people. You can design YouTube videos, create social media pages and contribute to media ministries already present here.

Spreading The Gospel In Israel

Available statistics reveal that around 71.6% of Israelis surf the internet. Israel also comes in the number one spot in time spent on Facebook and YouTube. You can use creative methods to meet people on the internet through the web and media outlets. You can also take heart from the fact that most believers of Jesus in Israel are baptized.

This opens the road to following up with people who have already gone through the teachings of God. You can give them a call, visit them, or lead them to local congregations to help them understand and assimilate the words of God. You can become an active minister and spread the gospel while sitting at home.


If you are trying to make inroads into the minds and hearts of the people of Israel with the words of God, you can try Facebook, YouTube, and other social media. For this, you need to learn the Hebrew language and acquire some knowledge about the awareness of people about Jesus.



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