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Why are Cardboard Boxes best for Your Product?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an important goal for different businesses. Now is the time to look at every process to find ways to do things that are better for the environment. But it can be hard to meet strict budget requirements and be greener simultaneously. The good news is that cardboard box packaging can help you offer a solution! They have a solution which is better for the environment and has a lot of other benefits. Say goodbye to the plastic product packaging and hello to the cardboard packaging. Here are a few significant reasons you should use cardboard instead of plastic.

Reason no 1: Ability to change and adapt:

With personalised cardboard box packaging, you can use it as a blank slate to make new designs that fit the shapes and sizes of your products. Custom cardboard packaging is quite a lot easy to get. And now, some machines will take care of your packaging needs by making boxes in the accurate size for the products you want to ship. As a result, businesses that ship a wide range of products of different shapes and sizes can save time and money. And this is possible with automated cardboard boxes packaging machinery. Because cardboard is so versatile, you can be as creative or as ordinary as you want. Boxes can be available in any shape or best size. But you can think outside the box and make unique cardboard packaging for your product. So if you’re worried your product won’t stand out in a sea of cardboard personalised shipping boxes, give it a unique, useful shape.

Reason no 2: Cost

When thinking about how to package your products, you need to do a careful cost analysis. It would help if you had cardboard boxes packaging that is safe enough. This will cut down on damage and returns and is cheap enough to support your business’s bottom line. Your balance sheet yet depends on how well you package things. You might get bad feedback for broken items if you don’t spend enough. Most of the time, used cardboard will be cheaper than plastic packaging. You can also save money on shipping. This is because cardboard is light, and you can change its size to fit your product.  If you have the space, a recycled custom-made carton box of cardboard is easy to store, and if you buy it in bulk, you can usually get it for less. Also, the cost of damaged returns will be low. And cardboard is an extra safe and durable packaging material that will keep your products safe and undamaged.

Reason no 3: Customer-friendly

Packaging made of cardboard should be made with the customer in mind. It should be easy for the customer to carry and handle, convenient, easy to use, and easy to throw away. With cardboard, it’s easy to add handles or holes to make things easier to carry. If you offer a way to carry the product, it’s essential to ensure it’s solid and durable enough to handle the weight. Customers are annoyed when flimsy plastic carrier bags break. Ensure your product stays safe and the custom cardboard boxes wholesale packaging is easy to hold. Lastly, it should be easy for the customer to get rid of the packaging once it has been opened. Lucky for us, recycling cardboard that has already been used is easy. If the cardboard boxes packaging is extensive, you might want to add fold lines or perforated edges. This will help to make it easier for the customer to fold and throw away.

Reason no 4: Branding

One of the best things about cardboard box packaging is that it can be available for branding. You can easily print on and cover cardboard to make it look like your brand without making it harder to recycle. It’s easy and cheap to print on cardboard. And this makes it easy for your product and its packaging to stand out and get noticed. As technology for cardboard packaging and computer-aided design have improved, it is now easy to get custom-printed cardboard packaging that fits your brand through an automated system. This means that branded, personalized cardboard is now much easier and cheaper for businesses of all sizes. When making your cardboard branding, it’s essential to be different from your competitors and stand out, but it’s also important to consider the environment. There’s no point in using cardboard as an environmentally friendly alternative if your logo or plastic coating makes it impossible to recycle. Customers who care about the environment will make you think hard about how to make the most eco-friendly cardboard boxes with made-to-order packaging. Make sure it still gets your brand message across.

Reason no 5: Reuse

Because cardboard can be available more than once, it makes an excellent packaging material. A strong, sturdy box will come in handy when it’s time to store or move things. You can also give your customers ideas for how to reuse their cardboard packaging before recycling it. Some ideas for reusing things are a magazine box or a place to store paper files. With a linen liner, a plain cardboard box can become a laundry basket, a stylish storage box, or the perfect play box for kids, mainly if they help design and decorate it. Thus, cardboard boxes made to size can even be used as a shelf (but not for heavy things) or as a way to organize a desk that is a mess. Another idea for the most creative re-users is a desk organiser with drawers and different sections. Finally, some people may decide to turn their cardboard box into a vanity unit or a place to keep their makeup. Add more layers of cardboard to make a piece stronger, but use thinner cardboard to create a shape that can bend.

To end with the discussion, some brands’ cardboard boxes can be used as seed trays while they break down in the ground. When thinking of new ways to use your cardboard boxes packaging, think about whom you’re trying to reach and what they’re most likely to find useful. Consider what your customer and product requirements are. 




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