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Why SEO Is The Backbone Of E-Commerce Business

If you are an e-commerce business and you have not paid enough attention to SEO, you are only jeopardizing the stability and growth of your business. The underline here is that e-commerce SEO is no more an option. It is an indispensable prerequisite to your business success. Here we learn about the importance of SEO for e-commerce businesses and how it can contribute to the discoverable future of your business.

Basics of e-commerce SEO

eCommerce SEO, expanded as eCommerce Search Engine Optimization, refers to the set of processes and strategies required to increase the quantity and quality of traffic to an ecommerce site that is driven by search engines. Here the term quality refers to how likely is it that a visitor will take a beneficial action in favor of your business interest. If you get a lot of traffic which is not transacting, you can’t call it a quality traffic. 

Note that over 90% of all internet searches made today are Google Searches and hence for most part we use Google as an example.

Increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website will ultimately depend on letting your website rank high on Google’s search engine results. Google decides the ranking order for any given search query considering more than 200 factors known as Google’s algorithms, otherwise known as ranking signals. 

The most important ones of the ranking signals are relevancy and quality of the content to the search query inputted by the user, page speed, age of the website and authority, frequency of updating and publishing, user experience aspects like time on page, bounce rate and others, extent of mobile friendliness, logical nature of the website and the structure of the content, in addition to many others.  

As a result, SEO is the scheme consisting of the relevant set of strategies needed to enhance the ranking signals for a given website or a webpage. Especially if you are running a subscription website or an ecommerce website, this is going to be majorly important.

Some important statistics

  • Search Engine Journal says, more than 93% of all online activities of users start with a search engine.
  • Millimetric reveals that more than 81% of those shopping online do some kind of an online research before buying something.
  • eMarketer says, in 2020, the consumers in the US spent over $710 billion on online shopping, which is a good news to ecommerce businesses to known the business potential and opportunity available in this sector.
  • A recent study by Statista surfaces that over 65% of all the eCommerce sessions ensue from search traffic.
  • More than 80% of the users of search engines ignore the paid advertisements.
  • BrightEdge has estimated that over 40% of any firm’s revenue can come from organic traffic online.

Take home

Research to find the best Ecommerce SEO company India and subject your website to a solid SEO mission so that you near your business goals surely and quickly. The spending and effort you do in this regard can help you increase your ROI.



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